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Our mission is to be the choice provider to advance our customers drilling and blasting needs with innovation, safety, production and expertise.



For nearly 50 years, Controlled Blasting Inc. has provided quality drilling and blasting services throughout the southeastern United States. Controlled Blasting was incorporated in 1973 and has been an employee owned company since 1993. Our current president, Larry Gilmore, started with the company in 1978 as a driller and steadily worked his way to the top. Named Vice President in 1990, he has served as President since 1999. In his more than 43 years in the drilling and blasting industry, Larry has served as the President of not only Controlled Blasting but also the International Society of Explosives Engineers as well as the local ISEE Peach State Chapter. To this day he is still very involved in each CBI project.


With nearly 50 years of drilling & blasting experience and long list of individual projects, Controlled Blasting Inc. provides experienced personnel, the right equipment, monitoring services, public relations, documentation and supporting research for any project.

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